For years I searched for a Taff Puller was neither a toy but  or a big production machine.  Nothing was  out  there!  So I sat down with my engineers and initiated a therapeutic fun project that turned into a very surprising, well designed, commercial quality personal Taffy Puller.  In order to sell it at a reasonable cost and remove the liability we make it a Hand Crank Device.  Therefore, do not ask us to motorize it Please.   I have noticed a few customers that have done just that and said that it was relatively easy.  Because of legal reasons our legal beagle said: play it save and Crank It!!

That is the birth of "The Taffy Express"!!!

Constructed of  Aircraft Aluminum and Chain Drive to handle the rigorous pulling required to produce a melt in your mouth tasty chewy Taffy.

So there you have it.


Taffy Express